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Sugarbush Cross Country Ski Trail Conditions


Packed Base: 4"-10" | New snow in last 24 hours: 0". New snow last seven days: 3". Total Snowfall for Season: 66"   

Surface Conditions | Frozen granular 

Trail Conditions/Notes:

Skate lanes were renovated yesterday and today. Classic tracks in place but are icy. Expect spring conditions - icy in the morning and soft in the afternoon.

Caution should be used on any of the steeper terrain since heavy rain that ocurred since the last significant snowfall has washed out some of the snow pack on creek crossings and water bars. 

Typical grooming schedule: Our budget allows for grooming the entire system on Thursday and/or Friday (evening) of each week, starting with priority trails. Touch-up on priority trails (as needed) Monday or Tuesday. (Schedule may be adjusted if there is new snowfall)
Trail Section KM Date Groomed Rolled Skate Classic Conditions
X = groomed;  Conditions: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, E = Excellent
(*) = priority trails
 * Summit View - Dogs allowed 2 3/19/17   x   P
 * Wood Duck 1 3/22/17   x   F
 * Piece of Cake 1 3/22/17   x   F
 * Bridge Run 1.4 3/22/17   x   F

 *Tofte Ski    down

3         Closed

 *Hogback      Loop

  East portion - "O" to "G" 1.7 3/21/17   x   G
   West portion - "E" to "O" 1.5 3/21/17   x   G

 *Homestead  Loop

   Upper section 5.1 3/22/17   x   F
   Lower section 2.2 3/22/17   x   F-P

*Britton to    Oberg
 connector trail

10 3/22/17   x   F

*Oberg Loop

  East portion - "X" - "Y" - "W" 5.2 3/21/17   x   F-P
   West portion - "L" to "M" 2.4 3/21/17   x   P

*Onion River  Road

   Parking lot to "X" 2 3/22/17   x   F
   Parking lot to end (& return) 5.5 (11) 3/22/17   x   F

Picnic Loop

   Upper Picnic Loop - "N" to "O" 9.2 3/21/17   x   G
   Upper Picnic Loop - "M" to "N" 3 3/21/17   x   G

Moose Fence Trails

   Maple Loop 3.4 3/21/17   x   F
   Upland Loop - Dogs allowed 2.4 3/21/17   x   F
   Connector trail - "P" to "N" 4.3 3/21/17   x   F

Sugarbush ("Z") to
Nordic Center

5 Closed   None    

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